105 Mins Hip Flexor Release Workshop


You can purchase a video recording of my Psoas Release Workshop “Understand and Unravel your Psoas” from 17/05/2020. This should be suitable for most people as we spend about an hour doing very gentle re-alignment positions (whilst I talk to you about why this muscle is so important!) before moving onto to some slightly harder strengthening exercises which will take your hip flexors through a fuller range of movement. You should walk away feeling amazing!


The layout of the workshop and what you will need for the session –

* The beginning will involve a little bit of interaction – getting you sensing your body, how you feel, where your weight is etc.

* I will then put you in Constructive Rest Pose position to allow your hip flexors (Psoas) muscle to start relaxing off.

* Then there’ll be about 20 mins of me talking theory whilst you relax into the position.

* Then we will do another 40 mins or so of very relaxing, restorative positions.

* Then we will do about 30 mins of harder* hip strengthening and mobilisation exercises.

*This is relative, nothing will be too taxing and, of course, if anything feels wrong to you – DO NOT DO IT. LISTEN to your body throughout the workshop. This is not specifically designed for your body. Some things may not be appropriate. Do not fight through pain. Fighting through pain NEVER gets you out of pain.

What you need –

* You will need to have some space around you on the floor. You might want a yoga mat if you have one.

* A little sliver of wall/door/window.

* A fluffy pillow or a yoga block.

* A yoga strap or leather belt or dressing gown cord.

* 2 rolled up towels or blankets.

* A thing to use as a small cushion for your head (separate to the above)

* A ball – tennis, golf, hockey, massage … anything goes really!

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