1 Hr Shoulders & Scapula Mobility Focus Posture Class


This is a live recording of my ‘Shoulders and Scapula Mobility’ Online Posture Class from 02/05/20. You will need a yoga strap (or leather belt), 2 yoga blocks (or 2 firm pillows, or 2 small pile of books, 2 shoeboxes), a sliver of wall and a wooden chopping board/plank of wood. Please listen to your body when attempting these exercises – this is not catered towards your body and some things may not be suitable.

Posture Ellie disclaims any liability or loss in connection with the theories and practices offered in these online Posture classes. Not all exercises and variations are appropriate for all people – it is your responsibility to know your own body and its limitations and to choose suitable practices. Please consult your GP before attempting this or any other exercise program. If you suffer considerable pain I strongly recommend a 1-2-1 Appointment before partaking in my group classes.

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