1 hr Shoulder Focus Posture Class


This is a live recording of my ‘Shoulders Focus’ Online Posture Class from 16/4/20.

You need –

*A yoga strap/leather belt/something that offers you strong resistance when you push out against it (resistance bands often not resistanty enough).

*You’ll also need a yoga block/a firm pillow/something you can put under your spine for Supported Fish (look on my YouTube for guidance on this)

* For those of you with very creaky backs/in lots of pain – you’ll be doing Static Back (look on my YouTube for guidance on this) at one point so will need a chair/something to put your legs over (unless you know that Frog (search on my YouTube) feels good for you – this is what everyone else will be doing). Also my ‘creaky crew’, you’ll be doing Modified Floor Block (search on my YouTube) so will need two yoga blocks/two small piles of books. The rest of you won’t need a Static Back support or Modified Floor Block props (unless you have knees which prevent you from kneeling – you will want Modified Floor Block set up).

* You’re also going to need a chunk of wall.

* You’re also going to need a can of beans/small hand weight – getting fancy tonight!

Please listen to your body when attempting these exercises – this is not catered towards your body and some things may not be suitable. Posture Ellie disclaims any liability or loss in connection with the theories and practices offered in these online Posture classes. Not all exercises and variations are appropriate for all people – it is your responsibility to know your own body and its limitations and to choose suitable practices. Please consult your GP before attempting this or any other exercise program. If you suffer considerable pain I strongly recommend a 1-2-1 Appointment before partaking in my group classes.

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