Yoga Deep Dive Classes & Courses

YDD is delivered via Live Online (Zoom) Classes & Video Courses.

Please read the below before you purchase your class or course.

YDD Rules of Engagement

By signing up to a Yoga Deep Dive Class or Course, you are agreeing to the following 3 points.

1. Leave your preconceived ideas and ego at the door. These classes are a time to be open minded and curious. Learn to expect the unexpected in terms of what your body can/can’t do … and be ok with that. You may be able to do far more than you expect and you may be able to do far less than you expect. Don’t judge, just accept that’s where your body is for now.

2. Only work to a level where you are fully in control of every joint in your body, your breath and making sure you are not tense or in pain in any part of your body. The last point often is hard to admit but is imperative if you want to progress. So many people are either in denial about or have totally tuned out their low lying, constant levels of pain/tension. We need to tune back into this.

3. If you want a bespoke approach to reducing your pain, please have a 1-2-1 Postural Alignment Therapy session with Ellie. YDD offers group classes and these are not catered towards individual bodies or bodies in pain. Do not have any expectations that these classes will rid you of your pain. Do not sign up for these classes if you suffer anything more than mild pain/tension.


Posture Ellie is currently undergoing her 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training and, when qualified, she will be registered with Yoga Alliance International. She is not yet a fully qualified yoga teacher. She is fully qualified as a Postural Alignment Therapist (PAS 1, PAS 2 and ETS), has completed Outdoor First Aid and Mental Health First Aid training and is insured with the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

Live Yoga Classes

Yoga Deep Dive - Programme 3 - Mar/Apr 2021

Pre Recorded Yoga Classes

Pre Recorded Posture Classes

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